• the platform strengthens comprehensive management and law enforcement capabilities, including broad personnel construction, law enforcement standardization, education and training, information disclosure, and supervision-accountability-assessment system, so as to discover urban management violations in a timely manner and establish a sound problem discovery and prior warning mechanism.

    the platform upgrades the traditional law enforcement model to intelligent law enforcement and promotes the integration of comprehensive law enforcement at the urban and municipal levels, which explores and practices urban management mechanism innovation, promotes scientific development of urban management, and provides favorable conditions for comprehensively promoting the rule of law government.

    product applications
    the platform strengthens the execution of urban management to discover problems timely, dispatch tasks accurately, adapt to the process of comprehensive law enforcement, and achieve a significant increase in the economic efficiency of law enforcement. it changes the old mode of relying on front-line personnel to manually inquire, dispatch and process cases, which effectively simplifies the case approval procedures, shortens the case processing time, and reduces the expenses of personnel, time, communication, car consumption, fuel consumption, case access, case file copying, etc.
    related products
    • the cloud platform provides reliable service support for hardware, data, and software middleware, which collects and reserves the data provided by the smart city.
    • smart cities apply iot technology to deploy various sensors and measure to obtain basic data.
    • ai is applied to a variety of businesses such as event warning (abnormality determination), trend analysis, and service innovation within smart city.
    • the core of the platform is data development and comprehensive utilization, therefore, the basic line of the project construction is data security, application security, physical security and management security.
    • the platform establishes the city-wide unified laws and regulations, discretionary benchmarks, law enforcement matters, law enforcement instruments and information base, develops a comprehensive law enforcement system for urban management, and realizes the informationization of the whole process from obtaining clues, filing, investigation, processing to closing cases and the intelligence of instrument making. it fully supports mobile law enforcement, intelligent monitoring and early warning, to realize integrity monitoring of the whole process of handling cases, and improve the efficiency and standardization of law enforcement.