• a technology platform that integrates 3d high-precision map capabilities, spatial computing capabilities, strong environmental understanding capabilities, and ultra-realistic virtual-real fusion rendering capabilities, it provides map construction and service capabilities for the virtual-real fusion world under the 5g architecture of cloud terminal fusion.
  • the high efficiency and high precision hdmap construction capability is realized, which can automatically extract the feature information of the surrounding environment and automatically build multi-source and multi-dimensional hdmap, so that the intelligent terminal can accurately obtain the 3d information of the surrounding world;the whole scene space calculation of the map turns the whole real world into a panel of information display, and various real-time information is superimposed and displayed in your current real environment, so as to realize the seamless integration of the real world and the digital world;map strong environment understanding function, integration of deep learning technology and geographical location information, greatly improve the ability of mobile phones to accurately identify physical environment and objects.
    application value
    ar map is the product of the combination of ar and gis, and has been applied in many fields such as indoor venues, underground pipelines, tourist attractions, security command, and spatial planning. ar map is not a simple ar or map, it widely uses centimeter-level 3d map, high-precision spatial computing, ai 3d recognition and ultra-realistic occlusion fusion rendering technology, in order to achieve excellent visual and interactive experience, involving terminal, cloud, ai, ar, 5g, chip and other technologies.
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