• the all-terrain mobile mapping robot can realize online autonomous 3d mapping in complex indoor and outdoor scenes. it is applied in various fields, such as firefighting, law enforcement, cases, coal mines, petrochemicals, and security, including unmanned mapping services for automated map construction and 3d reconstruction.
  • the robot supports the fast production of high-precision 3d maps and panoramic maps, automatic roaming in unfamiliar scenes, automatic splicing of 3d models, measurable panoramas, communication transmission, and seamless stair climbing.
    • the robot is capable of automatic splicing of 3d models, collecting, storing, querying and ai analyzing of target objects.
    • it can be used for all-terrain surveying, target extraction, target measurement, real- scene 3d modeling and laser point cloud mapping.
    • it has functions such as autonomous exploration of unfamiliar scenes, map building and navigation and positioning.
    • automatic collection and generation of panoramic map data is available.
    • 01
      multi-source integrated autonomous navigation
      positioning accuracy: ±20cm.
    • 02
      high-definition panoramic imaging
      real-time capture of panoramic images and 3d point cloud data.
    • 03
      autonomous charging
      the robot can intelligently schedule autonomous charging based on its current task and the status of the automatic charging station.
    • 04
      autonomous obstacle avoidance
      the robot uses laser radar, ultrasonic sensors, and vision-based obstacle detection to ensure comprehensive safety protection without blind spots.
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