• the platform utilizes core support technologies such as multi-scale data fusion modeling, data-driven integration with physical models, and dynamic real-time interactive connection to synchronize the twin factory with the real factory, which promotes digital innovation in logistics and transportation, production and management of the factory, improves production efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

  • digital twin factory is a leading solution for automation and intelligence of factorylogistics, inspection and other scenarios, based on our technologicaladvantages in mobile measurement system (mms), digital twin and intelligentmachines.

    basedon the framework of "bim gis", the platform realizes integratedaccess, virtual simulation and intelligent dispatching of various robots includinglogistics robots, inspection robots, robotic arms to improve the efficiency offactory logistics and inspection, meanwhile, reduce business operation costs bythe mode of " robots for human".in addition, the platform combines multi-dimensional data fusion modeling to achieve global visualanalysis of the factory environment, facilities and equipment, operationalprocesses and production data, which builds an operable new generation ofintelligent factories.

    product applications
    "two up and one down" assist enterprises to accelerate "efficiency improvement and cost reduction":

    operational efficiency improvement
    the platform realizes efficient and intelligent operation of logistics and inspection robots 7x24, and the overall work efficiency is increased by more than 30% compared with traditional manual operation;

    management efficiency improvement
    the energy efficiency situation of the factory is controlled in one screen, combined with big data and ai analysis, providing data and technical support for factory operation decisions;

    labor cost reduction
    the platform replaces manual labor with robots, significantly reducing employment costs and paying back the investment within 2-3 years on average.
    related products
    • the platform, based on self-researched digital twin base platform, supports more than 50 kinds of data format conversion and loading, and realizes the second-level response display of the whole-domain 3d model in the big scene for the factory.
    • the platform takes advantage of multiple algorithms including task scheduling, path planning and traffic control to reduce the invalid driving distance and the idle rate, and improve the overall operational efficiency.
    • the platform supports robots to receive and execute tasks, navigate and renew automatically without human intervention to realize intelligent and unmanned operation and significantly reducing labor costs.
    • based on open api interface, the platform is compatible with robot devices of different manufacturers, meanwhile, it adopts modular and lightweight design, which is convenient to be integrated with the existing automation management system of the factory.
    • an auto parts processing factory invests a massive amount of labor and capital to solve the problem of component transportation on the production line. based on the detailed demand research, leador customized an integrated indoor and outdoor unmanned transportation solution by utilizing a 200kg amr with a digital twin factory space-time data service platform.

      value created for client
      our client does not employ dedicated logistics staff to reduce labor costs, meanwhile, it effectively diminishes inventory through small and multiple shipments
    • according to the demand of a substation client, leador provides an integrated intelligent inspection solution for indoor and outdoor substations, combining digital twin virtual simulation technology, and replacing manual inspection of up to thousands of meters per day with amr inspection robots.

      value created for client
      our client saves about 30% labor cost, avoids the danger of substation environment to personnel and reduces safety risk.