• based on digital twin technology, "turemap" focuses on refined prevention and control in key areas and builds a three-dimensional platform with all elements to realize efficient management of individuals, objects and events, and empower intelligent decision-making.

  • "turemap" takes the lead in integrating the innovative concept of"3dgis bim iot" into the public security industry to refine 3dmodeling of core areas and build an indoor-outdoor digital infrastructure basedon mobile measurement, indoor positioning, cloud computing, big data and ai.the platform fully integrates basic spatio-temporal data, iot data and policesystem data to build a 3d digital twin foundation for security prevention andcontrol system of “grid police deployment, multi-police coordination, full timepatrol, universal participation” surrounding the security management, 110command center, and public security agencies.

    product applications
    situation: comprehensive, real-time control of the security situation in key areas forecasting: situational forecasting to guide duty planning and enhance social surface prevention and control capabilities warning: awareness warning of "human-vehicle-object" to enhance the ability to prevent beforehand decision-making: comprehensive big data research and analysis to enhance the ability to strike accurately command: flat and visualized joint command to enhance rapid response capability disposal: police synergy and enhance the front-line combat capabilities
    related products
    • turemap realizes all-round and three-dimensional monitoring and early warning in key areas, through the integration of information resources, fusion of video surveillance and artificial intelligence technology.
    • the platform based on the unified space-time framework integrates spatio-temporal elements to build a three-dimensional police information in a map and visual management of police resources.
    • the platform achieves rapid decision-making and precise command to improve the efficiency of police conduct and the response speed of emergencies, through comprehensive perception of police situation and police officers.
    • the platform integrates all police resources and related departments in one map, combining visual analysis and fusion communication capabilities to achieve cross-police and cross-departmental collaboration.
    • the platform is based on a high-precision real-world 3d model to integrate, display and analyze various types of security work data for major activities, including video surveillance and police deployment, which achieves visual management and unified dispatch of police resources and guarantees the smooth implementation of the security work for the sco summit.
    • turemap platform in futian district, shenzhen, is deeply applied to the three-dimensional prevention and control of key areas. it obtains data from cameras, wifi, rfid and other sensing devices and accesses data from the third-generation command center of the municipal bureau, which combines interior and exterior, motion and static to construct a three-dimensional prevention control service platform as well as applications for event security, personnel command, etc for key areas to implement refined prevention and control.