• leador builds a five-in-one urban pipe network management system that integrates sensing, analysis, service, command and assessment, covering data census, basic services and operation management for the intelligent pipe network.
  • basedon the collected data and industry data obtained from the ministry of naturalresources and the ministry of housing construction, wuhan public securitydepartment established a complete population and housing database system andmatched individuals with housing information to realize the binding of “individual-housing - standardized address - spatial coordinates".

    population connecting withhousing management system based on time-space is a further deepeningapplication of the current data. relying on time-space information as a unifiedcarrier, leador realizes data correlation analysis, visual presentation andservice sharing to provide technical and data support for the innovativeapplication of individual - housing joint management and improve services forfloating population.

    product applications
    the platform realizes the co-management, dynamic management and data sharing for population and housing by means of data census and association. in addition, departments are responsible for their own duties, closely cooperate with each other, and effectively form a synergy in the work of co-management of population and housing.
    related products
    • the platform integrates massive data, analyzes correlation and visualizes presentation according to spatio-temporal dimensions to reduce operation difficulty and save operation time.
    • the platform precisely marks every building and house and launches data application to provide considerate services to the public and to detect and grasp the criminals hiding among the masses in a timely manner.
    • the platform connects population and housing information, in which the rights and interests are protected and it transmits information and conducts affairs more accurately to service the public.
    • when the masses are in danger, the government will plan routes reasonably, develop rescue measures and implement actions quickly according to the surrounding traffic conditions, which saves valuable time for saving lives and protecting personal property.