with over 20 years of experience in enterprise-level services, a comprehensive infrastructure, and operating system, leador provides a complete set of industry and technology solutions for various business scenarios to help customers grow safely and efficiently.

leador information technology co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "leador ") was established in september 1999. it is a high-tech enterprise jointly established by wuhan university, academicians li deren and other institutes, dongfeng motor group, china ordnance equipment group, china tobacco, etc. with a registered capital of 130 million yuan. it has more than 400 employees and has branch offices in beijing, shanghai, shenzhen, chongqing, and other places.

leador 's main business includes mobile mapping, smart city big data and industry applications, and intelligent machines (robotics & autonomous driving).
leador is the inventor and world-leading enterprise of china's mobile mapping system (mms). we are committed to using the "sky-ground-mobile" mobile mapping technology to promote industry transformation and facilitate the rapid acquisition and utilization of space-time big data, providing customers with complete digital twin solutions.

leador has a research and development team composed of professionals in multiple fields, covering many fields such as electromechanical, inertial navigation, surveying and mapping remote sensing, artificial intelligence, the internet, and big data. it has excellent "cross-border" research capabilities and complex system integration capabilities and is the most powerful innovation team in the world of mobile mapping.

we have always adhered to the business philosophy of "insist on originality and pursue leadership," continuously creating technological experiences that surprise customers. so far, leador has won the first prize for national scientific and technological progress once, the second prize for national scientific and technological progress twice, and more than 20 awards at various ministerial levels. we have participated in the formulation of national or industry standards for mobile mapping, real-world maps, and spatiotemporal information cloud platforms.

leador not only leads the development trend of mobile mapping, inertial navigation, high-precision maps, fusion positioning, digital twins, and metaverse technology, but also creates new application models through innovation in applications and business models. in the fields of urban management, public security, surveying and mapping, transportation, tourism, etc., and high-precision location services for the internet of vehicles, robotics, and autonomous driving, we have served more than a thousand customers in more than 600 cities across the country over the past 20 years. our technical products have played an important role in national major activities or projects such as the beijing olympics, the wenchuan earthquake rescue, the qinghai-tibet railway, the chang'e spacecraft's moon exploration, the 70th national day military parade, and the 2020 epidemic relief.

innovation has no end, and classics continue. leador people will fulfill their commitments and provide you with the value of "getting it immediately"!

academician of the chinese academy of sciences and the chinese academy of engineering
professor and phd supervisor at the school of remote sensing and information engineering, wuhan university
chief scientist of leador

leador has been in business for over 20 years, and now is thriving in the era of 5g and 6g. leador has expanded its mobile mapping technology from a specialized service to a mass service, combined mapping and remote sensing technology with artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, and overcome technical difficulties. leador is focused on technological innovation, and its future development is limitless. we wish leador continued success in the next 20 years, contributing to the nation and the people.

ceo of leador

dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, 

leador was founded by me and academicians li deren in 1999. the name "leador" was chosen by academician li deren, meaning "instant access to spatial information".

academician li hoped to solve the problem of backward surveying methods and difficult geographic information acquisition in china through the research and development of mobile measurement technology. after more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, we have overcome many technical difficulties and have become a leading company in mobile measurement technology through concept innovation, technological and product innovation, and business model innovation.

leador is not only a pioneer in mobile measurement technology, but also the first company to propose the concept of "real-world 3d". we are the inventors of china's first real-world map system and the first publisher of a street view map website (www.ishowchina.com). over the years, through close cooperation with customers, we have established thousands of successful application cases in the fields of surveying and mapping, urban management, public safety, transportation, tourism, emergency response, and forest and grassland protection. we have participated in the construction of smart cities in more than 600 cities nationwide. as we move beyond the era of two-dimensional maps, we can proudly say that leador is the most steadfast pioneer and advocate of mobile measurement and real-world 3d technology.

today's world has entered an era characterized by "digital twins and metaverse" and intelligence. with years of technological accumulation, leador has extended its business to the fields of digital twins, robots, and autonomous driving, and has gained recognition from a large number of customers and partners. we define our mission and vision as "creating a leador 3d world and serving smart life!"

we still firmly believe that through our innovative technology and services, we can establish a channel between the physical world and the virtual world, enabling robots to move freely like humans and bringing autonomous driving into our daily lives as soon as possible.

we sincerely hope to work with you to create "instant access" value for a better tomorrow.

we cover over 100 sub-industries and serve thousands of partners, including national ministries, banks, and fortune 500 companies in china.

  • adherence to social virtues such as lawfulness, honesty, justice, and responsibility are essential qualities for those who work at leador.
  • freedom of thought is the source of innovation. to maintain the creativity of our employees, we encourage unrestricted internal communication and advocate for employees to participate in various work across departments and positions. only by establishing such an open atmosphere can we gain a continuous stream of work inspiration.
  • unity born of public and caring hearts is not just superficial unity. without a public heart, it is worthless. true unity comes from dedication and perseverance in pursuing common goals, treating colleagues with fairness, trust, and care. these can help us overcome the difficulties in the entrepreneurial process, continuously improve overall performance, and ultimately establish a harmonious and orderly internal environment that benefits everyone in the collective.
  • leador has taken an original path in terms of ideas, technology, products, as well as business and management models. pursuing excellence through innovative thinking is the guiding principle for all leador employees.
covering over 100 sub-industries, serving thousands of partners, including national ministries, banks, and fortune 500 companies in china.
in 1999
company incorporation
in 2002
obtained the software enterprise certification certificate
in 2004
it is the first in china to develop a mobile measurement system
in 2005
won the "first prize of national surveying and mapping science and technology progress award"
in 2006
ranked among china's top 100 software independent innovation enterprises
in 2007
obtained grade a surveying and mapping qualification certificate and won the "second prize of national scientific progress award"
in 2010
the "i show china" live map website was launched
in 2011
the "i show china" live map website was launched