open capability, shared resources, accelerated innovation, continuous win-win

leador is committed to using "sky-ground" mobile measurement technology to promote industry transformation, accelerate the acquisition and utilization of spatiotemporal big data, and provide customers with comprehensive digital twin solutions.
  • led by li deren, an academician of the chinese academy of engineering and the chinese academy of sciences, our expert-level research team is dedicated to independent r&d in the fields of surveying and geographic information.

  • we provide intelligent devices, data, platforms, and applications in various industries, with abundant production lines and production capacity support, as well as a sound after-sales service channel.
  • we have formed a complete chain of "brand r&d production channel" and have a mature sales system.

  • we provide 24/7 robot back-end control, transportation scheduling, maintenance, and repair services to reduce the cost of self-operation and maintenance.

in the era marked by "digital twins & metaverse" and intelligence, we sincerely hope to work with you to create a brilliant future in the fields of digital twins, robots, and autonomous driving!

based on the characteristics of different industries, lide space has developed various customized solutions based on its professional and perfect product and data service capabilities.

  • we provide non-confidential demonstration and testing software (including sample data) and regular free upgrades of software versions during the development of cooperation partner data-related industry applications.

  • we provide all standard materials support, such as white papers, standard technical solutions, and provide pre-sales technical support, on-site implementation support, and remote or on-site after-sales service support.

  • we grant cooperation partners authorization certificates and authorization cards upon the signing of the cooperation agreement, participate in the planning and writing of national standards or industry-related standards, and apply for research projects together.

  • we provide second-level sales support for partners, help partners complete pre-sales, sales, and after-sales work for projects, and support various cross-departmental coordination, dispute resolution, market promotion activities, market information exchange, training, and major cooperative project support.

  • in 1999

    date of establishment
  • 400 people

    number of team members
  • more than 100 items

  • 10000 homes

    number of customers

join hands with our ecological partners for joint innovation and continuous value creation for partners and customers.

  • comprehensive product system and mature solutions
    perfect partner support plan
    abundant channel incentive policies
    standardized service system
    diverse profit models