• the platform providing indispensable basic information resources for the smart city is a carrier for information from government, enterprise, resident to exchange, share and applicate in the four-dimensional environment composed of intertwined three-dimensional space and time, and realizes strategic planning, data analysis and intelligent decision-making in unified space-time.
  • spatio-temporal information platform is a complex system with massive multi-source heterogeneous urban basic data, which takes convergence, storage, management, sharing and exchange of data as core business. the platform supports the centralized storage and management of various types of basic geographic data and thematic functional data for various departments, and realizes the classification, registration, cataloging, service release, service application and approval of data resources, so as to makes full use of related resources, avoid the phenomenon of independent warfare, duplicate construction and various departments resources waste, and realize the common construction and sharing of resources. it is truly achieved that the information resources are integrated and shared in one map, as well as, the management and decision-making services based on government information resources are improved.
    application value
    spatio-temporal information platform as a promotion of the new smart city construction satisfies the demands of efficient and orderly government services and government-public interaction. the new data order and special applications based on the platform are being built to serve the government, enterprises and the public with a cloud-based architecture, which solves the problem in the traditional model of "it is difficult to ask for data from the government, and even more difficult to be given data from the government" to truly revitalize government data.
    application value
    based on spatio-temporal information and internet maps, the platform containing full-factor and high-precision geospatial data is constructed, which provide services for more enterprises, government agencies, scientific research institutions and the public. it breaks the "data island", revitalize the deposited massive "data assets" and effectively promote the development of spatio-temporal big data industry and urban geographic information industry.
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