• it adopts an integrated design and integrates mems and gnss to provide vehicles with information such as real-time high-precision position,speed,heading and attitude to meet the needs of unmanned vehicles' perception and navigation, control planning, motion compensation.
  • it can provide users with stable and accurate products and services in terms of real-time monitoring of vehicles/personnel, real trajectory restoration, vehicle bi analysis, and big data visualization.
    • based on the service engine of coordinate conversion and reverse geocoding of china, the collected coordinates, latitude and longitude are accurately marked on the map, and the location of vehicles/personnel and surrounding scenes are monitored in real time through 2d maps or panoramic maps, which are widely used in vehicle monitoring and management enterprises such as logistics and car rental, and vehicle monitoring and scheduling are more flexible
    • a set of safe and efficient trajectory management services to help developers track and manage people and driving tracks as small as tens or as many as millions through multiple terminals such as mobile phones, vehicle machines, on-board gps/obd devices, and smart wearable device functions. the real trajectory restoration effect is at the leading level in the industry, and when applied to the chauffeur or car industry, the billing will be more accurate.
    • support real-time video surveillance, historical video playback and intercom functions
    • through the driving risk control intelligent supervision platform, safety equipment early warning and mobile phone app, real-time warning of potential dangerous collisions, such as "smoking, phone calls" and other dangerous driving behaviors, supervisors according to the risk level of early warning manual intervention, correct the driver's dangerous driving behavior, effectively increase driving safety, thereby reducing vehicle accidents.
    • the platform supports eleven report forms, such as driving report, speeding report, location report, parking report, mileage report, command report, ignition report, driving report, idle speed report, forward and reverse report, equipment information report, etc., so as to statistically analyze various driving data of vehicles and obtain driving behavior.
    • area management by supporting administrative areas, roundrectangular fences.
    • the platform can display safety assistance, alarm information, command information, announcement information, equipment information and other messages, big data visualization trajectory big data visualization platform from three dimensions of location coverage, road network coverage, area coverage to display the dynamic changes of trajectory big data on different days.
    • the trajectory big data visualization platform displays the dynamic changes of trajectory big data on different days from three dimensions: location coverage, road network coverage and regional coverage
    • 01
      the ways of cooperation are flexible and diverse
      my show china provides users with online map data and openness platform services can also meet the user's private cloud deployment service, but also for enterprise users to customize and develop various types of cars management platform.
    • 02
      flexible secondary development
      the open platform has rich interfaces to meet the needs of various farms the demand for secondary development under the scene. at the same time, there are various numbers according to the forwarding function.
    • 03
      flexible deployment
      supports linux/windows server deployment, depending on the car the scale of the vehicle can be single-server, multi-server, cluster, etc pattern deployment runs.
    • 04
      multi-platform support
      back-end services provide cross-platform flexible deployment. realize the separation of front and back ends. the platform is not only available in general major operating systems (e.g. ubuntu, linux, windows, etc.) safe and stable operation, and can also be on the main stream localized operating systems (such as qilin, hongmeng, etc.).safe and stable operation.
    application value
    car management, and i show china internet of vehicles big data service platform can help use car orders it is realized in the aspects of task scheduling, expense control, people, vehicles and asset security intelligent data reform, which makes the tedious vehicle management work clear orderly, greatly improving work efficiency.
    use scenarios
    government and enterprise websites| government and enterprise mini programs| government and enterprise apps| government and enterprise applications
    application value
    application value
    application value
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