• the security patrol robot developed by leador integrates various technologies, including robotics, navigation and positioning, pattern recognition, multi-sensor fusion, and iot (internet of things). it is capable of performing intelligent patrols and security protection autonomously, round the clock, and in all directions. this intelligent robot possesses multiple core security functions and is equipped with high-definition night vision cameras for real-time monitoring. it also incorporates thermal imaging systems, visual cameras, and laser radar sensors to gather environmental information from its surroundings. by utilizing visual monitoring, autonomous obstacle avoidance, autonomous positioning and navigation with environmental mapping, as well as multi-sensor fusion algorithms, this robot can adapt to various environments. it can execute security tasks in complex indoor and outdoor scenarios, achieving comprehensive obstacle avoidance and full-area surveillance without blind spots.
  • multi-source fusion positioning and navigation system combining 3d laser slam and beidou navigation.full hd visible and infrared thermal imaging sensors for comprehensive surveillance site monitoring.millisecond-level facial recognition speed for efficient identification of abnormal individuals and early warning.the strong sound dispersion system supports the emission of high-frequency, high sound, and strong noise, effectively dispersing suspicious personnel.voice intercom and voice broadcasting, achieving bidirectional and unidirectional audio transmission.one click alarm design, achieving on-site alarm and remote handling.
    • after completing fixed-point tasks, the robot resumes autonomous navigation and continues patrolling along the predefined inspection route.
    • upon reaching the target point, the robot performs fixed-point inspection tasks. the onboard camera captures images at specified points and raises alarms in case of anomalies. the images are saved and uploaded to the backend management center for archiving.
    • utilizes temperature-sensing infrared module: achieves accurate smoke and flame detection through both image display and temperature measurement methods, employing advanced software algorithms. upon detecting a fire alarm signal, the robot's built-in high-pitched alarm continuously sounds. simultaneously, the backend management platform provides continuous fire incident information updates.
    • integration of infrared thermal sensing camera: enables nighttime surveillance. the robot's integrated infrared thermal sensing camera can output images based on temperature differences between humans and the environment. effective nighttime operation: allows the patrol robot to perform tasks effectively during the night, detect intruders, and raise alarms.
    • ①autonomous positioning and navigation: provides real-time feedback of the robot's current position and direction to the control center. ②autonomous path planning: generates paths for single-point or multi-point control movement based on instructions from the control center. ③halts when encountering obstacles and reports to the control center, then responds to re-plan the route accordingly. ④seamless manual and automatic control switching supports straight forward and reverse movements, as well as smooth acceleration and deceleration for parking.
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