• the tracked explosion-proof inspection robot developed by leador is a special type of robot powered by lithium batteries and controlled remotely with autonomous navigation. it is suitable for various large petrochemical enterprises and plays a crucial role in daily inspections, mainly replacing specialized equipment used by inspectors in petrochemical companies and plant areas. this product features autonomous navigation, path planning, audio and video reconnaissance, meter identification, toxic and harmful gas reconnaissance, and environmental reconnaissance capabilities.the robot is used for on-site inspections in large petrochemical enterprises, tank areas, open-pit mines, and other similar areas.
    • the robot's inspection methods are highly intelligent and include autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance. wireless automatic charging: the robot has a wireless automatic charging feature. when the robot detects low battery levels, it can autonomously locate a charging station and recharge itself. in the event of an incident during operation, the robot can autonomously select a safe route to return to a designated waiting area without disrupting the operation of other robots.
    • the robot can accurately identify pointers, numbers, positions, colors, and statuses, automatically detecting changes in this data. for example, it can remotely detect the extent and severity of damage in the event of a small-scale incident.
    • the explosion-proof rating of the robot is exd[ib] iib t4 gb.
    • the robot is capable of detecting up to 8 types of gases and 2 environmental parameters related to toxic and harmful gases.
    • the robot can be integrated with a networked cloud platform to provide real-time information about the robot's location, battery status, audio, video, and gas environment detection data.
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      the robot is equipped with controls for headlights and warning lights, allowing for adaptability in various operational scenarios.
    • 02
      it also includes a two-way voice communication function, enabling direct communication between the command center and the field.
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      autonomous charging: the explosion-proof robot has a built-in battery monitoring circuit and allows setting a low battery alert threshold. if the robot detects the battery level falling below the set threshold, it will automatically halt the current inspection task, raise an alarm, and autonomously navigate to a charging point for recharging.
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      the robot features gas detection capabilities, which allow it to check for gas leaks at the site, assess environmental safety, and identify the source of any leaks. when the detected gas levels fall below preset thresholds, the robot will automatically halt its current inspection task, sound an alarm, and then autonomously navigate to a charging point for recharging.
    • 05
      the intelligent inspection robot is equipped with automatic/manual valve status control, and it can automatically capture and analyze the readings of devices such as pressure gauges, disc-type thermometers, and magnetic float level indicators (as shown in the sample below). using visual images, sound, and other sensory inputs, the intelligent inspection robot comprehensively assesses the condition of pipelines. it detects the presence of any leaks or abnormalities and provides an alarm function, promptly re
    • 06
      emergency response: during routine inspections, if the robot detects anomalies in equipment, pipelines, environmental conditions, or security, it can quickly respond and raise alarms. it can pinpoint the location of equipment faults and incidents, notifying backend maintenance personnel to take timely action.
    • 07
      remote inspection: in addition to autonomous routine inspections, the intelligent inspection robot can also be remotely controlled by human operators in real-time. the backend client provides a user-friendly software interface for manual remote control.
    • 08
      external system integration: the robot management backend provides a standard webservice interface for real-time data exchange.
    • 09
      self-protection: the robot is equipped with an obstacle avoidance system that detects obstacles and personnel. when encountering obstacles, it will avoid them and raise an alarm.
    • 010
      trackless navigation: the intelligent inspection robot uses trackless laser navigation, eliminating the need for predefined tracks. it can cover an area of approximately 100,000 square meters for inspection.
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