• cim platform provides rich information service and apis for "cim application", which effectively supports urban planning, construction, management and operation, and plays a fundamental role in the construction of smart city.
  • cim is a fundamental platform software for the construction of smart cities and realistic 3d china with the technical advantages in mobile measurement, spatio-temporal informatization, lean big data and artificial intelligence. the platform based on "bim gis iot", integrates iot perception data and multi-dimensional spatio-temporal data including above and below ground, indoor and outdoor, history, present and future, which builds an organic complex of city information in 3d digital space, which provides the ability to simulate from building single unit, community to city level through the management and visualization of city 3d model, servicing for the construction and operation of applications in smart cities. in addition, the platform follows the standards related to cloud platforms and allows access to infrastructure platforms such as government clouds to realize common construction and sharing.
    • the platform provides efficient storage, query and organization of 2d-3d city model data, serving the construction of smart city system and satisfying the demands for visualization and management of city with an efficient graphics.
    • cim platform integrating application scenarios, big data and ai technology builds a map of spatio-temporal information, to provide visual analysis and decision basis for urban management.
    • the platform supports convergence management of multi-source heterogeneous data, and realizes cleaning, fusion, analysis and display of multi-dimensional data based on the unified space-time service framework.
    • the platform acquires data including basic spatial and temporal data, resource survey data, public thematic data, iot data, etc. from various commissions and bureaus to provide various data bases for cim applications.

    operation demonstration

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