• the scenic visualization management platform assists the decision making of the scenic management, which bases on the digital twin technology and the innovative mode of "virtual preceding and guiding reality", to carries out the scenic planning, construction and operation and realizes the whole life cycle management of the smart scenic.
  • theplatform builds a digital twin scenic spot through three-dimensional dataconstruction, and promotes gis into a deep application for operation managementand auxiliary decision-making, which dynamically monitors tourism industry datain an all-round way, brings together all elements of tourism data, providestourism industry information services based on big data analysis, and realizesmulti-level interaction among tourists, enterprises and the government.

    product applications
    based on information technology such as big data, iot map, realistic 3d and augmented reality, the platform creates a whole process of refined tourism management, decision making system and brings unique and realistic and rich tourism experience for tourists.
    related products
    • the platform realizes region-wide data collection, convergence and integration, cross-sector, cross-region and cross-level tourism information exchange and sharing.
    • the platform is based on the digital 3d city, integrating gis data, and high-precision information model to build a digital twin whole-area scenic area matching the real world, realizing 3d visualization of tourism big data and more efficient data display from macro to micro.
    • the platform, bringing together regional tourism data, achieves dynamic monitoring of the whole tourism development, the flow, composition and satisfaction of tourists, to promote all-round decision analysis, and to guide the work of the tourism industry.
    • the platform promotes the interaction of all media, brings together regional characteristics, creates brand value, realizes information sharing, and promotes the development of tourism industry in a comprehensive, efficient and refined manner.
    • leader space joined hands with huawei to build a smart dunhuang, build "one center, nine major plates", and create "online dunhuang" and "smart scenic spots" through information technology, dunhuang has opened up a new model of smart tourism that integrates cultural tourism and information technology, online promotion and offline business interaction, and realizes the gorgeous transformation of dunhuang's traditional tourism into smart tourism.
    • the project completes the construction of "one platform, one center and one portal" of huanghelou smart scenic area. the "one platform" is the intelligent huanghelou comprehensive management and emergency service platform, which provides scientific data support for tourism resource management, planning, infrastructure management and security emergency in huanghelou park. " a center" is the wisdom tourism visitor experience center, aiming to create a new experience mode for public visitors; "a portal" is the public portal to achieve virtual tour based on the internet and create a window for external publicity, service promotion applications. the project realizes wisdom sharing of industry resources, improves tourism informationization level and creates a new mode of tourism resource management.
    • leador integrally applies realistic three-dimensional technology, augmented reality technology and virtual simulation technology to create a virtual tour platform of shennongjia, as a distinctive section of the shennongjia scenic area portal. based on the real tourism landscape, the platform builds a virtual three-dimensional tourism environment through simulation or surreal images, in which netizens enjoy the scenery of shennongjia in a realistic three-dimensional environment without leaving home. it is derived from the reality but higher than the reality of the tourism display, bringing visitors an immersive travel experience and provides the most vivid display for the promotion of scenic spots.