• the intelligent inspection robot replaces traditional manual labor to complete daily equipment inspections and special fault investigations, timely detecting instrument anomalies, equipment failures, hazardous gas leaks, fires, thefts, and other safety hazards, greatly reducing the work pressure and intensity of operation and maintenance personnel, and effectively improving the safety protection level.
  • the robot integrates 3d slam positioning and navigation technology, image recognition technology, infrared temperature measurement technology, multi-sensor fusion technology and iot technology, equipped with high-definition and variable-focus cameras thermal imaging system, vision cameras, and lidars to collect environmental information for real-time monitoring. it can realize autonomous positioning and navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, and 3d environment reconstruction.
    • free path planning, no longer lost or off track
    • with autonomous perception capability, it can automatically avoid obstacles or detours when encountering obstacles, autonomously update local path planning and find passable paths
    • it can achieve rapid temperature detection, autonomous recognition of instrument readings, and rapid collection of image and voice data.
    • it allows intelligent task planning and dynamic real-time task adjustment.
    • it has the functions of task management, real-time monitoring, inspection result confirmation and analysis, user setting, system debugging and maintenance, etc.
    • with voice intercom function, we can cooperate with the robot to complete on-site operation guidance.
    • 01
      multi-sensor fusion positioning (3dslam rtk imu)
      with 3dslam navigation algorithm, no pre-set tracks are required and less modification to the project site.
    • 02
      virtual simulation
      the digital twin platform can be used to master real-time robot positioning, patrol and record review to assist in intelligent management and decision-making.
    • 03
      inspection and detection of hazardous sources
      protection level reaches ip55
    • 04
      multiple control modes
      the systems supports seamless switching of manual and automatic control, straight forward and reverse, ackermann-style cornering, rotation in place with four-wheel drive, smooth start and smooth deceleration and stop.
    application value
    the robot is suitable for unmanned operation in high-risk environments such as substations and chemical plants. with four-wheel omnidirectional drive, it improves the robot's outdoor mobility and performance, especially on roads such as rubber, asphalt, and stone. it can accurately, efficiently, and safely complete various inspection tasks.
    application value
    it targets intelligent patrol in public places such as communities, industrial parks and scenic areas. with functions such as unmanned operation, inspection recording, remote communication, intelligent interaction, and ai analysis, it can replace security personnel to perform security patrol tasks and monitor and record in real-time. it is equipped with professional management background for convenient operation.
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    application value
    it can replace staff to conduct round-the-clock inspections in high-risk places such as oil, chemical, and natural gas stations. it contains functions such as reading various instrument data, detecting flammable and explosive gases and toxic and harmful gases in the air environment, regional thermal imaging monitoring, abnormal noise monitoring, remote bidirectional voice communication, oil and gas leak detection, remote laser gas telemetry, automatic data uploading, safety hazard investigation, and data abnormality alarms, etc.
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    basic performance
    maximum transport capacity
    navigation mode
    multi-source converged navigation(3dslam rtk imu)
    positioning navigation accuracy
    fixed-point docking accuracy
    battery life
    8 hours (customizable)
    operating temperature
    athletic performance
    maximum travel speed
    obstacle crossing height
    maximum climb (full/no-load)
    dead spot detection
    blind spot detection and obstacle awareness
    collision detection
    emergency stop button
    degree of protection
    applicable scenarios
    indoor and outdoor traction transportation

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