• the handheld panoramic mobile mapping system integrates multiple sensors, including multi-line lidar, panoramic camera, inertial navigation equipment, synchronous controller, etc. it can output 8k 360-degree panoramic high-definition images and true-color three-dimensional point cloud data to achieve seamless integration of information collection above and below ground.
  • it can achieve high-precision 3d laser panoramic data collection for indoor, outdoor, or underground scenes and support indoor high-precision map drawing, indoor panoramic map production, indoor navigation positioning, bim modeling, 3d modeling, rural homestead measurement, emergency component inventory, on-site rescue forensics, public security criminal investigation and traffic police field investigation, indoor 3d measurement, forestry mapping, earthwork surveying and other applications.
    • mature software platform with no additional charges for software usage.
    • applicable to various complex indoor and outdoor environments, including enclosed underground spaces, areas without gnss signals, and scenes with narrow spaces, congestion, uneven terrain, slopes, and stairs.
    • including handheld single-person collection, tripod-fixed point collection, and mounting on mobile carriers such as drones and robotic dogs, meeting various application scenarios.
    • fully automated data collection and processing, automatically matching point cloud and image data.
    • no need for reference points or initialization calibration.
    • real-time stitching and preview of 8k panoramic images.
    • supports integrated indoor and outdoor scanning and measurement.
    • optional rtk equipment is available, supporting satellite positioning.
    • integrated device design with high integration, simple portability, and ease of transportation.
    • real-time monitoring of remaining battery capacity and storage space, with low battery warnings.
    • features self-check and abnormality alert functions (indicator lights, voice alerts).
    • real-time viewing of captured panoramic images and point cloud data.
    • automatically adjusts image parameters such as brightness and white balance.
    • 01
      it is suitable for various complex indoor and outdoor environments, including enclosed underground spaces without gnss signals, narrow, crowded, bumpy ground, sloping terrain, stairs, and other scenarios.
    • 02
      fast and convenient
      it does not require a base station or initialization calibration. it has multiple collection modes, including portable single-person handheld operation and tripod-fixed collection. it has an integrated design with high integration, simple portability, and easy transportation, which can be taken on high-speed trains.
    • 03
      it supports integrated indoor and outdoor scanning measurements. the system has a built-in battery, which can be charged in cycles and can operate for more than 1.5 hours at a time. the automated data collection and processing software automatically matches point clouds with image data. real-time panoramic images and point cloud data can be viewed, and image parameters such as brightness and white balance can be automatically adjusted. it can be equipped with rtk equipment and supports satellite positioning.
    • 04
      real-time warning
      the system is equipped with self-diagnosis and abnormal reminder functions (indicator lights, voice reminders), and can display the remaining power and storage space in real time. when the power is insufficient, it can provide an early warning prompt.
    application value
    the handheld panoramic mobile mapping system can conduct high-density spatial information collection on various buildings, enabling complete high-precision reconstruction scanning of structures such as bridges and ancient buildings, and outputting point cloud models with spatial 3d forms, achieving contactless measurement. it can be used for comprehensive building measurement, 3d modeling and simulation, bim design and operation management, and bridge deformation monitoring, and other applications. the system can quickly collect and automatically generate 3d point cloud map data of the collection environment. after mapping the collected image data, it can complete indoor 3d fine modeling and bim modeling, providing fundamental data collection services for 3d visual operational management applications such as smart buildings, smart parks, bim gis, etc.
    application value
    the handheld panoramic mobile mapping system can seamlessly integrate information collection on the ground and underground. based on 3d-slam positioning technology, it can quickly acquire high-quality point cloud data without the need for gnss, and can be used indoors and outdoors, regardless of bright or dark environments. it can be used for complete and accurate spatial information collection of underground parking lots, civil defense facilities, shopping malls and airports, large factories and mines.
    application value
    the complex and high-density coverage of agricultural, forestry, and geological environments has always been a challenging area for 3d data acquisition. the advent of 3d-slam technology has solved the problem in this field. the handheld panoramic mobile mapping system with laser 360 ° × 104.2 ° scanning coverage, can greatly collect three-dimensional information of the horizontal and vertical surfaces of many trees. with this technology, it is no longer difficult to measure agricultural growth, forestry green volume, and geological measurements, without causing harm to the forestry environment.
    application value
    in underground parking lots where gnss signals are lost, the handheld panoramic mobile mapping system can achieve autonomous navigation and positioning through 3d-slam technology without relying on gnss signals. it can output three-dimensional point cloud data with coordinate systems, complete high-precision map collection and production of underground parking lots, with accuracy reaching the centimeter level, solving the positioning problem of the last kilometer of autonomous driving.
    application value
    the handheld panoramic mobile mapping system with built-in panoramic cameras can capture high-definition panoramic data of indoor environments such as subway stations, train stations, shopping malls, museums, real estate, airports, and campuses, completing the production of indoor panoramic maps. it achieves a 360-degree panoramic display and browsing of indoor spaces and can be combined with vr/ar technology to achieve an immersive indoor experience. it provides a more intuitive and novel way of promotion for real estate developers, museums, schools, and other units. in the public security industry, by combining panoramic views with monitoring probes, it provides a visual and intuitive decision-making environment for police security monitoring and emergency dispatch.
    application value
    for some topographic complex environments such as mines and construction sites, traditional mapping methods have problems such as high operational difficulty, difficult to reach some areas and low efficiency, etc. the handheld panoramic mobile mapping system can give full play to the advantages of non-contact flexible acquisition, high operational efficiency, and can realize earthwork measurement, surface measurement, digital measurement, etc.
    application value
    the handheld panoramic mobile mapping system can achieve a comprehensive and realistic restoration of the crime scene and information preservation. criminal investigators can use it to collect scene data and backup the bloodstains, murder weapon, footprints and other evidence left at the scene, without damaging the crime scene. afterwards, the scene can be inspected and measured infinitely according to the 3d point cloud data, which provides strong support for crime solving and evidence collection.
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