• leador’s ts-r digital twin factory temporal-spatial data service platform is a leading solution created by the company, leveraging its technological expertise in areas such as mobile measurement systems (mms), digital twin, and intelligent robots. it is designed to address the digitization and automation needs of factory enterprises, with a focus on factory logistics and inspection scenarios. it employs a "digital twin factory intelligent robots" model to help factory customers improve production and management efficiency, reduce labor costs, and establish a new generation of smart factories that are operational.
  • the leador's ts-r platform provides an end-to-end solution for unmanned operation of factory robots, covering the entire process from mapping, receiving tasks, task allocation, to task execution.
    • based on collaborative algorithms between robots and road networks, it plans the optimal driving routes for robots and combines traffic control strategies to achieve automatic driving and collaborative operations for multiple robots.
    • it supports the integration of 3d models, iot devices, robot operational processes, production data, and more on large screens, allowing for a comprehensive grasp of energy efficiency trends and providing a basis for intelligent management decisions.
    • it supports integrating video monitoring on robots, annotating and displaying them on the map, and fusing videos with 3d models in a way that provides a comprehensive view of the factory area.
    • it offers multi-robot task intelligent scheduling algorithms, taking into account the current task load, location, battery level, and more to select the optimal target, enhancing task execution efficiency.
    • it supports the calling of idle robots manually or through automated systems (mes, wms, etc.) for task assignment, meeting the operational needs of robots in different scenarios.
    • it provides iot interface adaptation capabilities, supporting real-time access, visual analysis, and remote control of robots, robotic arms, video monitoring, environmental sensors, access control devices, and more.
    • it supports centimeter-level realistic 3d modeling, fully replicating the factory environment. with high-fidelity rendering capabilities and lightweight modeling technology, it enables progressive visibility of factory areas, workshops, assembly lines, and equipment.
    • based on mobile measurement and robot mapping technology, it supports the rapid generation and editing of operational maps. it also supports real-time monitoring of changes in the operational environment and updates and synchronization of maps.
    • 01
      open and compatible for easy integration
      based on open api interfaces, it can be compatible with robots from different manufacturers. the platform adopts a modular and lightweight design, supporting integration with existing factory automation management systems.
    • 02
      continuous optimization through virtual simulation
      in the virtual factory built with digital twinning technology, it simulates and visualizes robot operational processes, allowing staff to make intuitive judgments, analyze, and optimize.
    • 03
      automated processes with no human intervention
      it supports robots in automatically receiving tasks, autonomous navigation, and automatic continuation of tasks, achieving truly intelligent and unmanned operations, significantly reducing personnel involvement.
    • 04
      intelligent algorithms for higher efficiency
      leveraging multiple algorithm advantages such as task scheduling, path planning, and traffic control, it can reduce the distance traveled by robots without tasks, reduce idle time, and improve overall operational efficiency.
    • 05
      in-house platform with leading performance
      based on a self-developed digital twin foundation platform, it supports the conversion and loading of over 50 data formats, achieving second-level response display of large-scale full-area 3d models of the factory.
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