• the explosion-proof inspection robot developed by leador is suitable for use in high-risk environments prone to flammability and explosiveness, such as petroleum, chemical, and natural gas sites. it serves as a replacement for human workers, enabling round-the-clock inspections. its capabilities include:1. reading data from various instruments and gauges.2. detecting flammable and toxic gases in the air.3. conducting thermal imaging surveillance of specific areas.4. monitoring for unusual noises.5. providing remote bidirectional voice communication.6. detecting oil and gas leaks.7. remote laser gas telemetry.8. automatically uploading data.9. conducting safety hazard assessments.10. generating automatic alerts for abnormal data.
    • possesses the ability to conduct autonomous inspections around the clock, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.
    • capable of automatically detecting and warning against the presence of toxic and harmful gases in the air, especially in cases of material leakage indoors and outdoors in warehouses.
    • can capture, store, query, and analyze image data of targeted objects.
    • features autonomous route planning, exploration of unfamiliar environments, autonomous obstacle avoidance, autonomous detouring around obstacles, and autonomous recharging, among other functions.
    • the robot's backend control system has the capability to display a three-dimensional model of the storage area, provide situational awareness, offer simulation features, and perform automatic analysis and warnings.
    • able to automatically identify and provide warnings for objects like meters and gauges located indoors and outdoors in warehouses.
    • has the capability to autonomously create and update maps both indoors and outdoors in warehouses.
    • equipped with infrared temperature detection both indoors and outdoors in warehouses, with an automatic temperature anomaly warning function.
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