• ishowchina(iscn)map service platform is a comprehensive and open platform for government, national defense, public security, and enterprise users that integrates map data, offline and online map services, as well as navigation.total capacity of more than 10pb, 6 million car networking services.global map collection, production and release capabilities, more than 10 years of map core technology accumulation, fully withindependent intellectual property rights
    • keyword search/perimeter search
    • trajectory reporting/trajectory query
    • thermal map/spatial analysis
    • map ranging/graphic area calculation/polygon area calculation/distance calculation/elevation calculation/azimuth calculation/grade calculation
    • point/line/polygon/image annotation/custom annotation/j mark covering/manually plot the covering/automatically plot coverings
    • standard vector base/j vector base plot/image loading/elevation data loading/state layer
    • single strategy route planning/multi-strategy route planning/limit information route planning/avoidance area route planning
    • location sharing/tai-style sharing/route and track sharing
    • map zoom/map drag/map event
    • 01
      scalability and easy maintenance
      the platform has a certain foresight, fully considering the feasibility of system upgrade, expansion, expansion and maintenance, and how to greatly improve the response speed of business processing.strong coupling between functions is avoided, computing service, data service, rendering service and interactive interface code space are relatively independent, and users can selectively pre-install different types of services.considering that most scenarios are non-network or weak network environments, data download and update functions are provided in online environments, and local data access functions are provided in offline environments.
    • 02
      integrity and openness
      the platform fully considers the relationship between the systems and focuses on the organic integration of various information resources. it considers both confidentiality and a certain degree of openness, and grasps the balance between information sharing and information security. the core layer provides general capabilities that do not involve specific business scenarios, such as positioning, base map rendering, coordinate conversion, spatial calculation, visibility analysis, path planning, etc.
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