• with the goal of "one network and unified management", the platform, based on various cutting-edge technologies, realizes the functions of coordination, scheduling, supervision, early warning, assessment and comprehensive evaluation, which utilizes digital technology to promote urban operation, management, and service for means innovation, mode innovation, and concept innovation.

  • accordingto city operation management and service standards, the platform,basedon grid-based management, takes comprehensive advantage of digital citymanagement information system, city infrastructure monitoring system and city informationmodel (cim) foundation platform to vertically connect with provincial andmunicipal platforms, horizontally integrate with city and county departments,and gather data resources of city operation, which realizes all-roundinformatization of urban management elements, processes and decisions topromote scientific management and citizen-friendly services.

    product applications
    with the support of cim, the platform comprehensively constructs three-dimensional and panoramic city physical entity to realize visual management and services through the upward display of various operation data, management data and service data.
    related products
    • the platform builds a large-scale scene bearing and rendering capability of 3d spatial data and iot perception data, an integrated analysis capability of the whole space above and below ground, and a big data intelligent simulation and decision-making capability.
    • the platform upgrades the digital city management system to expand the key work acceptance and add intelligent dispatch function. in besides, it constructs mobile work app, video ai recognition, and mobile information collection to facilitate case processing.
    • the platform builds a comprehensive law enforcement system to supervise the whole process of law enforcement and ensure that the enforcement work is carried out in accordance with the law traceably by supervising the operation of all staff, vehicles and facilities.
    • the platform receives all kinds of problems reflected by the public via hotlines, wechat official accounts, etc., which forms a service system of "once citizens call, the government department will respond immediately".
    • based on the framework of "1194", which means one city management supervision and command center, big data in one map, nine basic systems, and four thematic applications, the platform upgrades the digital city management platform of jingdezhen to realize the transformation from "city management" to " digital city operation management and service ", from rough and qualitative to refined and quantitative, and from single closed management to multiple interactive management, which promote urban management process reengineering and innovation.