• the park visualization management platform assists the decision making of the park management, which bases on the digital twin technology and the innovative mode of "virtual preceding and guiding reality", to carries out the park planning, construction and operation and realizes the whole life cycle management of the smart park.

  • the park visualization management platform solution is based on the parkinfrastructure, including storage facilities, government affairs network, cloudcomputing, idc room, operation monitoring system, front-end sensing equipment,etc, which collects enterprise data, key project data, investment information,industrial energy consumption data, government information data, videomonitoring data, land planning data, etc., forming public databases such aspopulation database, legal person database, macroeconomic database, geographicinformation database and databases for each display theme.

    with the assistance of robots, human-loaded backpack measurement, mobile mapping vehicles to realize 2d and 3d electronic mapping, real-world image acquisition and 3d modeling, etc. to form a virtual digital park. various types of park operation data and geographic information data realize data sharing and exchange, data cleaning and integration, data visualization and display, as well as operation data uploading and map publishing through the park visualization management platform.

    product applications
    visual display: with bim, gis and vector diagram display methods as carriers, the status of intelligent system equipment is displayed visually as well as the rapid positioning of alarms.

    smart monitoring: the platform integrates the intelligent systems of the park to realize the operating status monitoring and remote control for intelligent equipment, and custom configuration system linkage according to demand.

    smart operation: the platform provides integrated management of the park's assets, properties,operation and maintenance, and centralizes the operation of the whole park in a one-stop manner.

    smart service: the platform utilizes information technology to improve the working environment of park managers and enhance work efficiency, while providing a safe and comfortable park environment for owners.

    mobile application: staff apply mobile terminal to manage intelligent equipment and query equipment information at the maintenance site, which prompts fault location more timely and maintenance analysis more convenient, and owners also enjoy the park's quality services.
    related products
    • the solution maximizes support for customized development.
    • service providers base on the whole life cycle of the park, leading to intelligent park and smarter management.
    • the platform adopts industry-leading big data technology to provide safe, stable and reliable data services.
    • the platform adopts the international advanced microservice technology concept and modular product development idea to provide highly componentized services and realize flexible configuration.
    • the platform manages the personnel, equipment and asset facilities in the center of the server room to achieve unified, visualized and controllable integration of all data, which manage the data, computing power and traffic in virtual reality, and in turn works in the physical server room to make the data center more secure and reliable, and allocate channel resources to the world more quickly and efficiently.