• truemap digital twin spatiotemporal big data platform is a platform level product developed by the "bim 3dgis iot" framework based on the technical accumulation and advantages of the digital twin space in the field of mobile measurement, geographic information, spatio-temporal big data, digital twin, internet of things and other fields for more than 20 years.based on 3d visualization technology, the platform integrates data collection and production, data governance, spatio-temporal service engine, iot engine, and industry simulation engine to provide digital twin basic data services, platform support and secondary development capabilities for smart cities, factory parks, foreign trade ports and other industry applications. through the construction of digital twins that form virtual-real mapping and dynamic interaction with the physical world, it provides intelligent empowerment for various activities such as operation management, command and decision making in the real world.
  • digital twin full element scenario object integration.autonomous and controllable,security guarantee.high precision restoration,dynamic synchronization.full scale scene 3d twin rendering.full time,full elements,full process,full openness,full terminal,full compatibility.interlligrnt city management,iot network tracking and positioning,event management coordination,enabling smart industry upgrading.
    • follow a unified data governance system, support one-stop collection, aggregation and fusion governance of multi-source heterogeneous data based on a unified space-time benchmark, and build a sky and earth integrated data asset system.
    • the core algorithm library is built on the basis of ld-mfm, a large digital twin model developed by ourselves, to provide ai capability support for realizing intelligent "perception, cognition and situation" in different scenarios.
    • by subdividing the global space, the multi-scale grid model and unified coding system are constructed to support the unified identification, efficient retrieval and spatial analysis of massive entity elements based on grid codes.
    • based on the self-developed two-3d integrated visualization twin engines, support different visualization business needs, achieve custom rendering of large scenes and micro details, and truly restore physical entity elements.
    • provide the ability to combine and configure all kinds of scene model data on demand and personalized, and realize the free construction and rapid creation of twin scenes based on massive key city baseboards and user models.
    • it supports the connection and management of various iot sensing devices, provides real-time data access display, virtual-real mapping and interactive control capabilities, and meets the application requirements of "visible, manageable and controllable" in different scenarios.
    • provide personalized application support services based on capability aggregation, including twin situation display, ar/vr navigation, iot location services, unmanned cluster scheduling, etc., to provide strong support for scene application landing.
    • based on standardized interface and open api design, support external data query, model invocation, space calculation, data rendering and other service capabilities to meet the needs of secondary application development.
    • 01
      digital twin space-time big data base, to build a new type of smart city digital infrastructure
      build a spatio-temporal big data system for sky and earth integration, and provide spatio-temporal full factor data and integrated management capabilities for smart cities and industrial internet.
    • 02
      multi-source spatio-temporal data automatic production and integration, comprehensively improve spatial data production efficiency
      based on the company's many years of data collection and processing capabilities, the formation of a platform for data automation production and integration capabilities for different industries, and truly realize the integration of two and three dimensions.
    • 03
      puhui ai deeply empowers digital intelligent transformation to accelerate the landing of intelligent applications in various industries
      based on the self-developed "insight" cornerstone model, the digital twin core algorithm library is constructed to provide one-stop ai algorithm model service capability for data value mining and intelligent application of twin scenarios.
    • 04
      quickly build digital twins with low code to support efficient development and delivery of industry applications
      quickly complete the construction of digital twin applications in the way of "toll-pull", and realize the "digital twin" and application empowerment in the real world with the capabilities of virtual and real interactive control and space-time business analysis.
    • 05
      industry wisdom saas application and secondary development, industry assets continue to accumulate and precipitate
      the rich industry delivery experience is transformed into intelligent demonstration applications in the industry, which supports rapid reuse and secondary development to realize the value realization and continuous operation of data assets and application assets.
    application value
    based on the framework of "bim gis", "turemap" realizes integrated access, virtual simulation and intelligent dispatching of various robots including logistics robots, inspection robots, robotic arms to improve the efficiency of factory logistics and inspection, meanwhile, reduce business operation costs by the mode of " robots for human". with the combination of private and hybrid clouds, "turemap", taking advantages of multi-robots scheduling, backend monitoring and big data management system, carries out the optimal combination of production safety, efficiency and cost to prompt business owners to obtains the best return on investment (roi). in addition, ts-r supports integration with wms and erp systems as well as secondary development.
    application value
    "turemap" platform in lanzhou new district gathers panoramic data of the whole region and extract key indicators to analyze data and build intelligent models, which provides services including situational awareness, operation monitoring and decision support of urban operation, and realize smart government, smart transportation, smart medical care, etc."
    application value
    "turemap" platform in futian district, shenzhen, is deeply applied to the three-dimensional prevention and control of key areas. it obtains data from cameras, wifi, rfid and other sensing devices and accesses data from the third-generation command center of the municipal bureau, which combines interior and exterior, motion and static to construct a 2d-3d prevention control service platform as well as applications for event security, personnel command, etc for key areas to implement refined prevention and control.
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