• the high-precision fog(fiber optic gyro)pos(position and orientation system) integrates high-precision three-axis fog,three-axis quart accelerometer sensor and gnss module.under the condition of satisfying the installation constraint,the system could provide real-time or post-processing high-precision measurement information.these information could satisfy the requirements of orientation and attitude determination,positiong and navigation,surveying and mapping,motion perception,ect.
  • meet the fusion positioning needs of multi-source sensors, provide accurate absolute position and attitude information, and assist laser, vision, uwb and other navigation and positioning systems.
    • it has the function of fusing acceleration data, angular velocity data, positioning data, mileage data, and output real-time combined navigation data.
    • accessories host computer software, with serial port upgrade, parameter configuration, real-time data display functions
    • support real-time rkt positioning, output gnss data function
    • it has anti-reverse connection of the power supply
    • with output pps pulse function
    • it has the function of indicating the working status
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      comprehensive service
      through the tightly coupled combined navigation algorithm engine independently developed by lidspace, it provides real-time, efficient and high-precision positioning orientation and attitude measurement solutions, and real-time dynamic centimeter-level positioning accuracy.
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      comprehensive service
      the high-precision inertial measurement unit imu is selected, which has three-dimensional positioning, three-dimensional speed measurement, attitude, and azimuth measurement capabilities, and has strong anti-interference ability.
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      elevate the experience
      with perfect component-level processing technology and system integration technology, advanced processing and testing equipment, perfect production and testing process, it has passed ts16949 certification.
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      multiple ways to plan
      perfect data production process and production software
    application value
    automotive-grade inertial navigation has been widely used in the fields of intelligent machines and autonomous driving. it has cooperated with many domestic scientific research institutes, such as the institute of optics, fine mechanics and physics, chinese academy of sciences, china aviation research institute, china electronics technology group corporation, etc. in the field of autonomous driving, "perception sensor combined navigation high-precision map" is used to achieve multi-sensor fusion and provide highly reliable, accurate positioning and low-cost navigation and positioning services. it has reached cooperation with domestic mainstream automobile manufacturers such as saic, dongfeng motor, and byd.
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