• portal site map upload tool is a software for data integration, with a built-in efficient map uploading, matching and publicing engine, supporting a wide range of data sources, providing a code-free, one-stop, more efficient and secure data uploading and visualization solution for government and enterprises.
  • based on the unified data standard specification, the platform establishes the syncopated sequence and logical combination relationship containing the geographical name markers, and realizes efficient, accurate and practical geographical name address matching according to syncopation, ontology and word similarity, in which all-factor data are collected, unified, audited, published, and shared to provide business data integration and processing services in space and time, and shared resource pools are established to interoperate information resources among various commissions and bureaus, laying the foundation for data visualization, integration and cross-analysis, and digital reform.
    • 01
      spatio-temporal big data fusion capability
      the platform adopts a unified spatio-temporal datum to build a geographic entity, which fuses public data of government affairs, and carries thematic data of urban governance, ecological environment, economic development, traffic operation and public security to form a collection of big data.
    • 02
      data on the map matching engine
      the platform provides a simple and easy-to-use data upload matching engine, based on self-developed segmented word cutting, similarity calculation, program aggregation, associated punctuation and other process components to realize business data temporalization and reduce the technical threshold.
    • 03
      diversified data collection access methods
      the platform realizes data collection by various methods, including online data warehouse docking, api data import, offline excel data import, etc., and collects the full amount and elements of data, truly eliminating the phenomenon of data silos.
    application value
    with the assistance of one-stop all-scene digital acquisition and up-dating components, the platform transmits and applies all information on roads, railroads, airlines, public transportation, ports and infrastructures in a comprehensive manner, realizing traffic event monitoring, state perception, analysis, prediction, command and dispatch, and comprehensively improving the operational safety, transportation efficiency and travel experience.
    application value
    the platform adopts efficient matching algorithm and superimposes multiform business data such as "human, house, enterprise, matter and object" to provide basic spatial and temporal support for urban management departments for the analysis and application of operation situation, street order, dirt transportation, prevention and control of violations, environmental sanitation, etc., and gradually realizes the informationization and wisdom of urban management elements, processes and decisions in all aspects. for example, spatial geographic information platform for dunhuang achieves the internal and external opening of various industries, elements and functions, which promotes the integration of cultural tourism, urban construction, social public services and scientific and technological information to create smart dunhuang.
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