• taking advantage of the powerful visualization performance capability of the platform, police deployment, command and dispatch are clearly and intuitively displayed in the form of a chart. therefore, the activity managers have a comprehensive understanding of the current situation to coordinate arrangement which improves the efficiency of decision making and overall modern management level.

  • theplatform integrates spatial geographic data and operational data of policeofficers to realize 2d map and 3d real-world image, in which police vehicles,officers and targets are viewed and queried, police information isautomatically analyzed and processed, and the efficiency of police dispatch isgreatly improved.

    product applications
    the platform builds a full 3d model of the core area and displays all-round security elements including key personnel, police officers and police resources in one map to realize 3d visualization management, security activity rehearsal and platform - site command, etc.
    related products
    • leador establishes a mature production line for geospatial data collection, production, management and service, which provides all information with space and time in one map and efficiently updates data instantly.
    • the digital twin ioc connects the entire process of data collection, integration, aggregation, cleansing, management, sharing and data services to realize the visual management of big data based on the cloud platform, and provide data services for the government, enterprises and the public.
    • the digital twin ioc realizes multi-source heterogeneous data quantifiable, traceable and assessable in the big data center of government affairs, which facilitates intelligent decision-making and precise management by the government chief data officer (cdo).
    • the digital twin ioc dynamically and visually presents data results, which assists the government to improve the efficiency of public services and reduces administrative risks by means of ai map technology and bi.
    • the project, with the focus on the development of chengyang district, integrate existing data and infrastructure resources across the district and build a unified smart city foundation support platform to provide digital city management and government wisdom services, including data sharing, data storage, data computing, network services, bandwidth services, etc. in addition, the platform creates a number of convenient, intelligent and innovative applications to build a distinctive and highlighting smart city system to support urban management, social governance, public services and scientific decision-making.
    • "turemap" platform in lanzhou new district gathers panoramic data of the whole region and extract key indicators to analyze data and build intelligent models, which provides services including situational awareness, operation monitoring and decision support of urban operation, and realize smart government, smart transportation, smart medical care, etc. the project won the "2018 china smart city innovation award" at the "2018 asia pacific smart city development summit".
    • the platform integrates government data of the whole district and establishes nanhai spatio-temporal cloud database, including map database, enterprise database, population database, government database, municipal database, etc. to carries out data analysis application for government departments、enterprises and institutions. the platform combines government information, enterprise information and space-time information to provide efficient and convenient government services to enterprises, institutions and the public.