• autonomous valet parking is an automatic driving in a low-speed environment, and it is one of the fastest commercialized autonomous driving scenarios. in order to meet the autonomous valet parking function of vehicles, it is necessary to provide a high-precision map of the parking lot as the parking base map. based on more than 20 years of experience in mobile measurement systems, lide space has developed a set of avp mobile measurement vehicles. through multi-sensor fusion, 3dslam mapping, intelligent environment perception, and cloud service platform, it provides parking lot map data services for unmanned valet parking. including parking vector semantic map, visual feature map, point cloud feature map, and provide map information description, data use interface, map conversion solution services.
  • accuracy: in the relative coordinate system, the absolute accuracy is less than or equal to 1m, and the relative accuracy is less than 0.2m /100 m;density: in the visual feature map, the feature points should be evenly distributed in the image or point cloud space, and the number of available feature points on each frame of the image for positioning is not less than 200;coverage: cover the inside of the parking lot and the open road connecting with the entrance and exit of the parking lot;map content: including map elements such as roads, lanes, obstacles, facilities, parking spaces and connection relationships of map elements;data format: support shapefile, opendrive and other data formats.
    application value
    map collection services are mainly concentrated in the parking lots of large shopping malls in public places in urban transportation hubs, and high-precision map services for automatic driving in parking lots. at present, leador has completed avp parking map collection service for 500 parking lots, serving l4 level autonomous vehicles of chang 'an automobile and other oem manufacturers, providing visual feature map and semantic map services, and publishing high-precision maps based on cloud service map service platform. realize the autonomous valet parking function in the limited area (the park's above-ground parking lot and underground parking lot, etc.).
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