• the mms (mobile mapping system) developed by leador utilizes a sophisticated modular design, consisting of three main parts: data acquisition system, monitoring system, and power supply system, connected via aviation plugs. the data acquisition system includes high-precision inertial navigation system (ins), panoramic cameras, ccd cameras, long-range laser scanners (lidar), and other equipment.
  • "my flash" adopts a delicate modular design. the whole system consists of three parts: data acquisition system, monitoring system and power supply system, which are connected by aerial plugging. it is composed of four core units, the high precision optical fiber or laser inertial navigation system(ins)、a panoramic camera、 an ultra-distance laser scanner with 920 meters measuring range and a high-grade protective cover. the ins, camera and lidar are connected to each other by a precision mechani
    • capable of collecting high-resolution panoramic images
    • capable of collecting high-precision laser point cloud data
    • high-precision positioning and posture data can be collected
    • supports 2d electronic maps and satellite basemaps
    • capable of panoramic image viewing and automatic playback
    • supports absolute position measurement and relative measurement of length, width, height and area of laser point cloud.
    • supports map browsing and image annotation.
    • supports quick installation and removal.
    • 01
      high quality
      leador has extensive experience in delivering and implementing mms systems, with a comprehensive implementation organization, scientific and reasonable processes, military-quality, and a sound quality assurance system. it considers factors favorable to the owner, such as delivery, installation, commissioning, testing, and acceptance, to ensure the smooth implementation of projects.
    • 02
      high precision
      the mobile mapping system uses leador's independently developed highest-precision inertial navigation device, with an attitude accuracy of up to 0.005 degrees and zero drift of 0.01 degrees per hour. additionally, leador has developed the "tight integration algorithm," a globally recognized mathematical challenge, which only a few manufacturers worldwide currently possess. this algorithm not only provides high-precision attitude data but also ensures the longest accuracy compensation in cases of gnss signal loss.
    • 03
      independent inertial navigation
      inertial navigation is the core of mobile measurement. leador develops it directly from the bottom, processes raw data, and uses the tight integration algorithm to output high-precision results, avoiding the "prism gate" issue.
    • 04
      supports wireless upload, cloud storage and multi- terminal browsing .
    • 05
      support for both beidou and gps
      leador's mobile mapping system supports both beidou and gps, aligning with china's national strategy.
    • 06
      diverse industry application cases
      leador's annual revenue mainly comes from industry applications. it has already been applied in eight major industries and more than 200 cities, with data collected over 1.2 million kilometers, totaling 10 pb.
    • 07
      leading technology in internet mapping
      procuring leador's mobile mapping system provides access to leading technology in the production, rendering, and publishing of internet maps. this helps customers establish large-scale navigation electronic map production lines and maintain a leading position in the internet map industry.
    • 08
      the country's only mobile measurement national laboratory
      mms belongs to the category of multi-sensor integration and high-precision precision instrument equipment. (note: the only mobile measurement laboratory in china - hubei provincial development and reform commission licensed mobile measurement engineering research center.)
    application value
    high-precision maps contain not only high-precision coordinates, but also accurate road shapes, and data on slope, curvature, heading, elevation, and roll data of each lane. regular navigation electronic maps depict roads, while high-precision maps not only depict roads, but also show how many lanes there are on each road and reflect the actual condition of the road. for example, if a real road widens in some places, the road data in the high-precision map will also widen, and if it narrows in some places due to merging, the high-precision map will do the same. after preprocessing with specialized software, the panoramic images and point cloud data collected are transferred to a high-precision mapping production platform for further processing using multi-source data software. based on the point cloud and image data, operators produce high-precision map data accurate to the centimeter level.
    application value
    the collected data is submitted to the indoor personnel for data processing. the indoor team leader assigns the work tasks in the map production management system, and the operator starts the work after receiving the task. the data is automatically opened in the ame software, and the operator starts processing. in the editing software interface, automatic matching of the base map, real scene picture, and trajectory can be achieved, and the road and intersection properties corresponding to the street view images being browsed are automatically displayed. road shape editing: the base map corresponding road shape is automatically modified based on the manually selected street view trajectory shape and the road shape, points and nodes are manually edited. property editing: the base map road and intersection related property information is updated according to the current situation of the road shown in the street view image and the corresponding standard specifications to ensure the correctness of the road shape and property at the boundary of the map sheet.
    application value
    the collected panoramic data can be used to build a database.during the production process of poi, use production line tools to verify and produce the data online. online access to panoramic images is used to collect the location and attribute data of poi and to check and supplement the attribute data of existing poi.
    application value
    during the process of movement, the measurement system can quickly acquire high-precision point clouds and panoramic images of the surrounding objects, and create high-precision maps for unmanned driving and industry maps for smart cities. by using the ame editing tool software, up to dozens of traffic signs and identification data can be extracted with one click, and navigation guidance information can be synchronized. by comparing historical data, changes in advertising signs can be identified. based on laser point cloud automation classification and detection technology, automated extraction processing of related elements such as street lamps and trees can be achieved.
    panorama camera
    maximum resolution
    ≥12 million pixels
    image data format
    jpeg compression
    image capture frequency

    cdd camera
    maxium resolution for panoramic images
    ≥12 million pixels
    image data format
    jpeg compression
    image capture frequency

    system measurement accuracy
    absolute measurement accuracy
    loss of lock for 1 minute or 1 kilometer,plane error ≤0.5 meters,elevation error ≤1 meter for target objects at a distance of 2-40 meters.
    absolute measurement accuracy
    0.02-0.2 meters for target objects at a distance of 2-40 meters

    laser scanner
    lock-up for 1 minute or 1 km
    ≤50cm (1σ) (the target object is 1.2 meters - 100 meters)
    detection range
    300 meters
    absolute measurement accuracy
    ≤2cm  (1σ) (the target object is 1.2m-100m away)
    relative measurement accuracy
    ≤2cm (1σ) (the target object is 1.2m-100m away)

    stereoscopic measurement camera
    absolute measurement accuracy
    ≤50cm  (1σ)(target object distance 2-40 meters)
    relative measurement accuracy
    ≤2cm  (1σ) (the target object is located at a distance of 2-40 meters)
    environmental adaptability
    storage temperature
    -20℃~ 50℃
    relative humidity
    80%(25℃),no condensation
    meet the vibration requirements of road transport
    it has rainproof and dustproof requirements
    maximum operating vehicle speed
    ≥80 km/h
    maximum continuous operating time
    ≥10 hours
    applicable roads
    expressways and roads of grades 1,2,3 and 4
    collection method
    ipad wireless monitoring acquisition
    working hours
    more than 8 hours
    applicable roads
    expressways and class 1, 2, 3 and 4 highways
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