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job requirements:
1. responsible for formulating and implementing the company's marketing strategy, budget plan, and determining the company's business policies and forms of operation;
2. explore market opportunities, lead the formulation of the company's business goals and plans, and achieve rapid growth in the company's business and investment returns;
3. comprehensively preside over the company's marketing management work, formulate annual performance goals and business development strategic plans, and overall marketing planning plans to achieve enterprise operation;
4. establish the company's organizational and business systems, be responsible for the construction of the company's marketing team, cooperate in selecting middle and senior management personnel, and approve the establishment plan and basic management system of the company's internal management structure;
5. supervise and control the entire implementation process, and be responsible for the business results
1. bachelor's degree or above in unified recruitment, with at least 10 years of sales experience and at least 5 years of work experience in the same position;
2. familiar with the market trends of robots and autonomous driving, with rich industry customer resources;
3. possess the ability to research, formulate, and execute industry marketing strategies, have good composure and strong willpower, and have a strong sense of marketing goals and achievement rhythm;
4. possess strong character in expanding territory, team leadership, and influence.